2018 Guide to Office Shipping

Shipping remains a big cost item for many organizations.

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Although shipping a few items may seem simple, the process gets more complicated as volume increases. From address correction fees and DIM weight rating to delivery area and fuel surcharges, shipping packages can be confusing, costly and time-consuming.

We want to help you navigate through the complexities. That’s why we created this Guide to Office Shipping. Inside, you’ll find detailed explanations of the most common and often unexpected shipping costs organizations encounter. We also compiled a glossary of common shipping terms for easy reference. Ultimately, this guide is designed to help clarify the shipping process, so you have more time to focus on the things that matter most.

A trusted leader in business shipping for over 35 years, Pitney Bowes helps companies of all sizes process millions of parcels with speed and reliability. We help customers optimize their shipping operations, delivering reliable solutions that can make your business run more productively and profitably. As the inventors of the first commercially available postage meter, we have 90 plus years of experience delivering innovations that help clients achieve success.

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